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Ooooo the smell!!!

Updated: Jul 1

Do you ever experience a foul smell in your bathroom?Besides what your husband or kids just did in the toiletroom (Psst! Courtesy flush people!)? You may have a dry p-trap! The p-trap functions as a water barrier between your sewer/septic system and your drains. The water in a p-trap “traps” the foul-smelling gases that come up the pipes from your sewer/septic system. If you have a sink, toilet, or bathtub that is not used very often, the p-trap can dry out, allowing those gases to come up through your drains. So, put a monthly reminder on your calendar to flush that rarely used toilet (even better pour somewarm water into it), and run some warm water in that rarely used bathtub or sink for a few minutes.If those efforts don’t solve the problem...Give us a call: 404-456-1144

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